how-to install spine on centOS-5/RHEL-5

Quick and dirty how-to how to install the spine poller for cacti on centos or rhel 5. This is useful if you have a ton of sources being polled.

  • yum install net-snmp-devel mysql mysql-devel openssl-devel ksh automake autoconf libtool gcc make -y
  • cd
  • wget http://www.cacti.net/downloads/spine/cacti-spine-0.8.7c.tar.gz
  • tar -xvzf cacti-spine-0.8.7c.tar.gz
  • cd cacti-spine-0.8.7c
  • chmod 744 ./configure
  • autoconf
  • autoheader
  • automake
  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install
  • cp /usr/local/spine/etc/spine.conf.dist /etc/spine.conf
  • edit '/etc/spine.conf' to match cacti's config.phpWithin the cacti GUI add the spine binary path in Settings > Paths '/usr/local/spine/bin/spine' and then under the Poller tab change the type from cmd.php to Spine.
Current repolist
repo id repo name status
addons CentOS-5 - Addons enabled : 0
base CentOS-5 - Base enabled : 3,272
centosplus CentOS-5 - Plus enabled : 63
contrib CentOS-5 - Contrib enabled : 0
epel Epel from fedora enabled : 4,970
extras CentOS-5 - Extras enabled : 266
updates CentOS-5 - Updates enabled : 258


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